Who is Homeopathy for?

Homeopathy has a wide scope of application and can be used to treat individuals of all ages experiencing the symptoms of virtually any condition. People consult a homeopath for all sorts of reasons. Some use homeopathic treatment to address specific complaints, others may simply feel 'out of sorts' (although tests show nothing wrong) - suffering from low energy, stress symptoms etc.

Homeopathy for all

Homeopathy can be effectively prescribed for everyone, from babies and children to adults, including women during pregnancy. According to homeopathic principles, homeopathic medicines promote the body's natural ability to heal. When prescribed appropriately, they are safe, non-toxic and non-addictive. Prescribed by a qualified homeopath they can be taken alongside drugs prescribed by your doctor and will not interfere with their beneficial action. As your condition improves, you may be able to safely reduce your conventional medication, thereby avoiding the unwanted effects that sometimes accompany the long-term use of drugs.
NB: you should always consult with your GP before making changes to your conventional medication.

It is recommended that you maintain your relationship with your GP or specialist. Your local NHS services will also be able to arrange any diagnostic procedures you may need and provide emergency cover. Consultations/treatments are not a substitute for regular medical care, nor is homeopathy intended in any way to provide diagnosis.

Whatever symptoms of ill health you are experiencing, homeopathy can be of benefit to you by promoting the body's natural ability to heal. In this respect, homeopathy may help to correct early imbalances so that more serious conditions are avoided. As it can improve overall health patients typically report a general sense of wellbeing and other positive changes in their lives.

From the homeopathic viewpoint disease cause is not simply a matter of invading viruses and bacteria. It may be due to prolonged stress, diet, environmental pollution, or have its roots in emotional issues (e.g. bereavement, divorce). Any of these factors can result in ill health.

Complaints which patients commonly consult with a homeopath about are listed below. Patients experiencing other diseases and syndromes can also benefit from homeopathy, including conditions without a name or a known cause, and those which have not responded to other forms of treatment.

Did you know?

Celebrities such as Paul McCartney, David Beckham, Twiggy, Caprice, Susan Hampshire, Tina Turner, Louise Jameson, Gaby Roslin, Jude Law, Sadie Frost, Nadia Sawalha, Jennifer Aniston, Jade Jagger, Roger Daltry, Annabel Croft and Meera Syal, as well as The Queen and Prince Charles, are all users of homeopathy.