What to Expect

The first appointment takes between one and two hours. To make an accurate prescription for you I will need a thorough understanding of who you are, as well as what your symptoms are. Information such as how your body systems are functioning, what food you like, dislike, or are sensitive to; how you feel about your relationships, your work, and if you are affected by weather and other environmental factors, are important. Your personal medical history and that of your family will also be of interest.

Homeopathy takes into account the whole person, not only the symptoms. This means, for example, that five people consulting the same homeopath for treatment for migraine are likely to receive five different remedies.

Everything you say will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Remedies prescribed by a Homeopath can be taken alongside drugs prescribed by your doctor and will not interfere with their beneficial action. As your condition improves, you may be able to safely reduce your conventional medication, thereby avoiding the unwanted effects that sometimes accompany the long-term use of drugs. NB: you should always consult with your GP before making changes to your conventional medication.

Patients often feel a sense of wellbeing, optimism and relaxation after taking their homeopathic medicine. The speed with which you feel relief will depend on the condition being treated. In acute ailments, this can be very fast indeed. In more chronic conditions, your recovery rate will depend on the nature and duration of the illness and on your individual vitality.

How many consultations and how often?

For most conditions, consultations normally take place at four to six week intervals and last about 45 minutes. Good telephone support is given between appointments for which there is no charge. With acute illnesses only one or two appointments may be needed. However, treatment for long-standing health problems may require several appointments over a period of time.